Delve behind the scenes at IrelandsEye Knitwear

We're delighted to share the story of how our knitwear is made.

From concept to creation

IrelandsEye Knitwear is designed and made in our factory in Dublin, along the East coast of Ireland. Behind each piece of knitwear, there’s a whole lot of creativity. Discover the craft behind the brand.

Inspired by nature, made for you!

At IrelandsEye Knitwear, we are inspired by nature and the colours and textures of the Irish landscape. Our stunning location in North Dublin, by the Irish coast, gives us plenty of inspiration and each design starts life as a sketch in our designer’s notebook.

Bringing our designs to life.

First we choose the yarn, then we select the stitches. Once we’re happy with the design, we work with our programmers to create a bespoke program for the garment. Each piece, from the sleeves to the front and back panels, is machine knit individually and later stitched together.

We may not knit every stitch by hand,
but we’re hands-on with every stitch.

Although we are lucky enough to have the help of some incredibly high-tech machines these days, we still bring the personal touch to everything we knit. From the sketching of the designs and the selection of the yarns and stitches, to the writing of the programs, to the hand-finishing of the pieces, right through to that all-important final hand-steam, there is still a huge amount of craftsmanship and care that goes into every piece.

Looking forward to the next chapter...

We are constantly inspired by Ireland’s rich natural landscape and are always evolving our designs and collections to reflect our customers’ changing styles and needs, bringing a fresh, contemporary twist to a traditional craft.

Join us behind the scenes!

We are delighted to be able to give you an insight into our creative journey and share our process with you in our new video. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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